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Terms of service

  1. General thoughts:
    1. is a website, owned by STONO Sp. o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw at Wspólna 50A / 35, hereinafter referred as STONO.
    2. Each person who joins the use of this website thereby acknowledges and accepts the terms of these Regulations.
    3. STONO reserves the right to change, withdraw, suspend or discontinue any functionality or features of the service at any time without prior notice of the Users.
  2. Liability of the owner:
    1. STONO is not responsible for the content of websites and web pages linked to this Internet Service via links.
    2. STONO is not responsible for any damages resulting from reliance on the information presented on the Internet Service. The risk of using these services is borne entirely by the user.
    3. If there is a reasonable or probable, in the opinion of STONO, a message that the site includes some content or materials that violate the law or legitimate interests or personal rights of third parties, STONO take steps to restore the legitimate rules of social life and morality.
    4. STONO reserves the right to not respond to job offers or cooperation offers which are sent via e-mail or Web Forms, which are available on the STONO website.
    5. STONO does not accept and is not liable for any damage or viruses that may infect the computer software or other property of the user, which may occur from access to the website, or from using the browser, or from downloading of any material of this website.
    6. STONO is not responsible for any damages resulting from any events that are beyond the control of STONO.
  3. User responsibility:
    1. The User is each person using this website.
    2. The Users use any information available on these websites at their own risk and responsibility, and agrees not to use illegally all the information contained in the webstie.
    3. Using the services is subjected to restrictions under Polish law and the commonly accepted rules of conduct, that apply to all Internet users, which are designed to protect their interests and the interests of third parties.
    4. The responsibility for the use of the information contained on the website and taken on the basis of their decisions, rests only on the user.
    5. The user is obligated to cover any loss or damage caused by its culpable acts or omissions and to satisfy claims of third parties, including those pursued in court, against the STONO, and related to its behavior which does not comply with these rules or otherwise prohibited or injurious to anyone harm or hurt.
  4. Methods of payment
    1. STONO making the service through the Service, provide them for payment.
    2. The fee for the services performed by the server must be paid to the bank account if STONO - bank account number: 51 1140 2004 0000 3302 7554 4579.
    3. STONO provides the possibility to make the payment for the service using payment cards via PayU, which is available on the Site, under the terms of this portal.
  5. Complaint Policy
    1. The User of the, in the event of improper implementation or dissatisfaction, has the right to lodge a complaint.
    2. The complaint should be submitted in writing or sent electronically to the e-mail address, or filled through application form which is available on the Website.
    3. The complaint will be heard by STONO within 14 working days of receipt of the notification.
    4. STONO will inform the User of he manner of handling the application - by letter or via e-mail.
  6. Privacy Policy
    1. STONO provides protection of data (including personal data) transferred and provided by the User of the Service and exercise rights which are related - according to the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997. on personal data protection (Dz. U. No. 133, item 883, as amended. d.)
    2. Detailed rules for the data protection and processing are set out in a public PRIVACY POLICY posted on the Service.
  7. The content and supervision
    1. For running a website, updating the data, substantive content, support for graphics and aesthetics service and for the maintenance of the website are responsible STONO and persons designated by STONO.
    2. The aim of the service is to publish current information, in particular concerning the activities of STONO and its subordinate units as information and events related to the market commemorations online.
    3. All informations published on the website are provided by STONO and published to the public by other organizations, published independently by STONO.
    4. The obligation to verify the data contained in the services rests on the unit/person who is transmitting the information to the public.
    5. The sssessment of the possibility to include the information on the website belongs to the person responsible for placing information.
    6. STONO reserves the right to refuse to post information on the website, as well as the right to a partial change or a minor correction of published information (does not apply to the content of the regulations, laws, legislation, OPWS).
  8. Partners:
    1. STONO can publish banners and links to other web sites and services without any fee. Such links should lead to the owners of advertising, content providers or partners (cooperating companies). Using the banner or link a user goes to the site belonging to another owner.
    2. STONO is not responsible for the privacy and protection of personal data of its partners. For more information about the privacy policy of STONO partners, the User should visit the partner website and read the privacy policy.
    3. STONO does not control and is not responsible for the content appearing on the pages of its partners.
    4. STONO is not responsible for the consequences of the use of any information or materials available on the websites of partners cooperating with STONO.
  9. Disclaimer Specifications:
    1. Due to technical limitations STONO can not guarantee that the information transmitted via Internet will reach to the User in the form of error-free, complete and full. STONO can not also ensure that browsing the site will be carried out without interruption, technical defects and that the User will get exactly the wanted information.
    2. With the subject to the relevant law and these regulations, STONO is not responsible for damages caused by malfunction of the transmission system, including equipment failures, delays and disruptions in access to the site.
    3. STONO does not guarantee the security of information transmitted to it via the service. Therefore, such any transmissions of information are performed at User’s own risk.
  10. Copyright:
    1. All of trademarks and logos are owned by STONO or other parties. Using, regular copy to computer, duplicating and any form of distribution of these marks without the written permission of STONO or any third parties are strictly prohibited.
    2. All data contained on the website, as well as its individual parts, such as written material, photographs, graphics and other benefit use the general principles of the protection afforded by the provisions of the Copyright Act. Each user is obliged to respect copyright rights under penalty of civil and criminal liability, arising from the provisions of law.
    3. The use of this website, in whole or any part of it for commercial purposes, including copying or public performance may only take place by the express written permission of the STONO and on conditions laid down by STONO. To obtain permission to use content services, please contact at
  11. Final Provisions:
    1. STONO retains the right to change these regulations. Any changes will be posted on the website and enter into force on the date of publication.